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6 Easiest Subjects to Pass in JAMB and WAEC (Revealed)

Today, we shall look into the 6 easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

In my previous posts, I wrote about the 10 hardest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC and 12 reasons why students fail JAMB examination.

So some of my readers said I should also write about the easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

To be honest with you, no subject is easy per se, however, some subjects are known to be easier than others when it comes to JAMB and WAEC.

Take, for instance, most students always find civic education easier than further mathematics.

Civic education does not contain any calculations while further mathematics contains a whole lot of calculations and formulas to master, so students tend to see further mathematics as a harder subject.

However, keep in mind that no matter how easy a subject may seem, if you don’t read, you may still fail.

So don’t go and relax and feel like since some subjects seem easy, you can pass them even without reading.

Instead, study them properly to increase your chances of success in them in JAMB and WAEC.

In this comprehensive guide, I will show you the 6 easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC as well as why there are known to be easy.

Ready? Let’s go!

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6 Easiest Subjects to Pass in JAMB and WAEC

Here are the 6 easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC:

1. Civic Education

Civic Education
Civic Education

Civic Education is widely known to be an easy subject.

I could remember when I was in secondary school, I use to eat this subject like a piece of cake.

It’s all about learning about citizenship, morals, and being a responsible member of society.

And here’s why it’s known to be easy.

Firstly, it’s not all about complicated calculations or technical stuff.

It’s more like understanding the basics of being a good citizen and knowing your rights.

Secondly, Civic Education covers topics that we come across in our everyday lives.

Things like democracy, human rights, and how the government works.

So, it’s relatable and easy to connect with.

Plus, the exams usually have objective questions or short answers, making it easier to give clear and concise responses.

That’s why Civic Education is considered a breeze to pass!

2. English Language

English Language
English Language

English Language is another easy subject to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

You know why? Well, we’re exposed to English every day, making it familiar and easy to understand.

I mean, we use it for everything from talking to our friends to watching movies.

Plus, English exams usually focus on basic grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills, which are pretty straightforward.

You don’t have to deal with complex calculations or abstract concepts like in other harder subjects.

The questions in English exams are often clear and structured, so you know exactly what they want from you.

And you get to show off your creativity too by writing essays and expressing your thoughts.

So, it’s no surprise that English Language is known as one of the easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC!

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3. Basic Science

Basic Science
Basic Science

Basic Science is often considered one of the easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

The reason is that it doesn’t dive into all those complex formulas and mind-boggling equations like advanced Physics or Chemistry.

Instead, it focuses on giving you a general understanding of scientific ideas in a simpler way.

Plus, Basic Science often involves hands-on learning and practical knowledge.

You get to do fun experiments and observe things in real life, which makes it easier to remember and understand.

It also covers topics that you encounter in your daily life, like health and the environment.

So, you see, Basic Science is all about the basics, and that’s why it’s known to be an easier subject to pass in JAMB and WAEC!

4. Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies

Christian Religious Studies (CRS) and Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) are well known to be easy to pass in JAMB and WAEC because these subjects are all about religious knowledge and moral teachings.

Many of us have a personal connection or background in these religions, which makes it easier to understand the content.

The cool thing is that in CRS and IRS exams, you mostly have to memorize religious texts, principles, and beliefs.

No crazy problem-solving or critical analysis is required!

And the questions in these exams are often multiple-choice or objective, so you can give precise answers based on what you’ve learned.

It’s like connecting the dots with your religious knowledge.

So, when it comes to passing JAMB and WAEC exams, CRS and IRS are often considered a piece of cake!

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5. Commerce

Students often see Commerce as a less hard subject compared to further mathematics and other harder counterparts.

And here’s why it’s known to be a breeze.

Commerce is all about business activities, trade, and entrepreneurship.

It’s practical stuff that we encounter in our everyday lives.

The best part? You don’t have to stress over complex calculations or mind-boggling formulas.

Commerce exams focus on basic concepts, principles, and terms used in the business world.

No crazy math is required!

Plus, it gives you a practical perspective on real-life economic activities.

You get to learn about buying and selling, profits and losses, and how banks and markets work.

It’s like understanding the ins and outs of business.

So, when it comes to passing JAMB and WAEC exams, Commerce is often seen as a walk in the park.

6. Cultural and Creative Arts

Cultural and Creative Arts is often seen as one of the easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

And it’s not hard to see why.

It’s all about unleashing your creativity and having fun! You get to draw, paint, and even perform artsy stuff.

The cool thing is that when it comes to exams, it’s not just about cramming theories.

Nope! Cultural and Creative Arts focus on practical assessments and project work.

You can show off your artistic skills and express yourself through hands-on activities.

Who doesn’t love that?

And guess what? The subject covers interesting topics like culture, music, dance, and traditional art forms.

It’s all stuff we’re familiar with, making it easier to understand and remember.

So, if you’re into expressing yourself creatively, Cultural and Creative Arts might just be the easiest subject for you to ace in JAMB and WAEC exams!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Should I Read for JAMB?

When it comes to JAMB, focus on the subjects that match your chosen field.

Check out the JAMB syllabus and study guides for each subject.

Practice past questions and get familiar with the exam format.

Don’t forget that English Language is a must, so brush up on grammar, vocab, and comprehension.

Grab subject-specific textbooks and study materials.

Teachers, online resources, and JAMB prep materials can also help.

Create a study schedule, revise consistently, and stay calm and confident on exam day.

Do WAEC Results Expire?

No, WAEC results don’t have an expiration date!

Once you’ve aced those exams and obtained your results, they stay valid forever.

You can proudly use them for college admissions, job applications, and other educational opportunities.

It’s like a permanent record of your achievements.

However, keep in mind that some institutions or organizations may have their own rules about accepting WAEC results.

So, it’s always a good idea to double-check with them to make sure your results are still good to go.

How Can I Check My WAEC Results?

Are you wondering how to check your WAEC results?

Well, checking your WAEC results is easy! Here’s what you have to do.

Head over to the official WAEC website and find the “Results” or “Check Result” section.

Fill in your exam details like your examination number, year of examination, and exam type.

Make sure everything’s correct, then hit that submit button. Your results will pop up on the screen.

You can even print a copy if you want. And keep an eye out for SMS alerts too.

Sometimes WAEC sends results via text.

Is JAMB Exam Easy?

Well, it depends! Some students find it a breeze, while others find it more challenging.

The secret sauce is preparation. Get to know the exam format, study the subjects, and practice those past questions.

By doing that, you’ll boost your chances of success.

Remember, what’s easy for one person might not be the same for another.

So, stay positive, do the work, and confidently tackle the JAMB exam!

Is 170 a Good Score in JAMB?

No, scoring 170 in JAMB is a good start, but it may not be considered a super high score compared to the max of 400.

Remember, different universities and courses have different cutoff marks.

So, research your desired institutions and their requirements.

If your score falls short, don’t sweat it!

You can always work on improving by studying harder and retaking the exam if needed.

Keep your chin up and aim for the score that gets you where you want to go!

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As I earlier said, no subject is easy per se, however, some subjects are widely known to be less complicated than others, especially those subjects that don’t involve calculations.

When preparing for JAMB or WAEC, it’s crucial to prepare well and study properly, however, it’s essential to focus more on those harder subjects as they tend to give more problems.

But this doesn’t mean you should simply overlook the simpler subjects. Study them too!

In this article, I have shown you the 6 easiest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

So when preparing for any of these subjects, do it in a strategic and systematic manner.

If you have any questions or inquiries, ensure to drop them in the comment section and I will respond as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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