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10 Hardest Subjects to Pass in JAMB and WAEC (Revealed)

I recently opened my email and I saw a lot of questions from my readers asking which subjects are the hardest to pass in JAMB and WAEC.

While the difficulty of a subject can vary from person to person, some subjects are known to be generally hard to most students.

Meanwhile, in some of my previous posts, I wrote about how to score 300 and above in JAMB and 12 reasons why students fail JAMB examination.

You can check them out to gain more insight.

Subjects like further mathematics is known to be extremely difficult and you will see a large percentage of students complaining of how hard they find this subject.

So this kind of subjects can be hard to pass in both JAMB and WAEC, but don’t worry, I got you covered!

In this comprehensive guide, I will show you the 10 hardest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC as well as how to tackle them.

Ready? Let’s go!

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10 Hardest Subjects to Pass in JAMB and WAEC

Here are the 10 hardest subjects to pass in JAMB and WAEC and how to tackle them:

1. Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics
Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is no joke when it comes to JAMB and WAEC exams.

It’s considered one of the toughest subjects out there!

With its mind-boggling concepts and mind-numbing calculations, it can drive anyone crazy.

So how do you tackle it? Well, first things first, make sure your core math skills are rock solid.

That’s like the foundation. Next, practice, practice, practice!

Solve all the challenging problems you can get your hands on.

Don’t hesitate to seek help from experienced teachers or even take extra classes.

Lastly, manage your time wisely, create a study schedule, and stay positive.

2. Physics


Physics can be a really tough nut to crack in JAMB and WAEC exams!

All those mind-bending theories and mind-numbing equations can give you a headache.

So, how do you deal with it? First, nail down the basic principles and equations.

Once you’ve got those, get hands-on with practical experiments to really understand the concepts.

Practice solving loads of numerical problems, both theoretical and real-world scenarios.

Don’t shy away from seeking help from your teachers or joining study groups.

Keep revising, take good notes, and manage your time wisely.

3. Economics


Economics can be a real tough cookie in JAMB and WAEC exams!

All those intricate concepts and mind-boggling theories can make your head spin.

So, how do you crack this code? First things first, build a solid foundation in the basic principles and theories.

Then, dive into real-world examples and case studies to see how it all applies.

Practice solving economic problems and analyzing data to sharpen those analytical skills.

Don’t hesitate to seek help from experienced teachers or study in groups.

And don’t forget to stay updated with current economic events.

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4. Mathematics

Mathematics is widely regarded as one of the toughest subjects in JAMB and WAEC exams.

Mathematics is full of formulas and calculations and mastering them is not an easy task.

To tackle it, build a strong foundation in the basics, practice extensively, and seek guidance from skilled teachers.

Utilize online resources and join study groups for different perspectives.

Stay organized, manage time effectively, and maintain a positive mindset.

Dedication and perseverance are key to conquering Mathematics.

5. Geography

Geography can be quite a challenge in JAMB and WAEC exams!

All those facts to memorize, concepts to grasp, and maps to decipher can make your head spin.

So, how do you tackle this beast? Start by understanding the core concepts and theories.

Get creative with visual aids like maps and diagrams. Don’t forget to memorize those key terms and facts.

Practice solving past questions to get familiar with the exam style.

Seek help from experienced teachers, use textbooks and online resources, and discuss with study buddies.

6. Government

Government is like a tough nut to crack in JAMB and WAEC exams.

It’s all those theories, concepts, and historical events that make it a real challenge.

But, don’t sweat it! Here’s how you can tackle it. First, create a study schedule and stick to it.

Read your textbooks thoroughly and review past questions.

If you’re confused, ask your teachers or get a tutor.

Engage in group discussions and use online resources like video tutorials and quizzes.

Practice regularly, revise consistently, and develop a genuine interest in politics and governance.

7. Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science can really give you a tough time in JAMB and WAEC exams.

But, no need to stress! Here’s the lowdown on how to tackle it.

First, get a grip on the basic concepts and processes.

Memorize those important terms and diagrams like a boss.

Get your hands dirty with some farm visits and practical activities.

Solve past questions and practice crop cultivation, animal care, and farm management.

Stay in the loop with the latest trends and innovations. Need help? Reach out to your teachers or experts.

And don’t forget those online resources with cool interactive tutorials and videos.

Trust me, with some hard work and practical know-how, you’ll ace Agricultural Science in both JAMB and WAEC!

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8. Chemistry

Chemistry can be tough in JAMB and WAEC exams but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Start by understanding the basics and periodic table trends.

Practice solving problems and learn chemical equations. Do experiments in the lab to grasp concepts better.

If you’re stuck, ask your teacher or get a tutor. Use online resources like interactive simulations and videos.

Join a study group to discuss and clear doubts. Just stay dedicated and keep going, and you’ll conquer Chemistry like a pro!

9. English Literature

English Literature can really give you a tough time in both JAMB and WAEC exams.

But no worries, there’s a way out!

Here’s the plan: dive deep into those prescribed texts, dig out themes, characters, and fancy literary techniques.

Take notes like a champ and mark the important stuff. Read other books to boost your vocab and comprehension.

Flex those essay-writing skills and dissect those texts like a pro.

Chat it up with classmates or join a study group for fresh insights.

If you’re stuck, call your teachers or get a tutor. And don’t forget those online resources, like video lectures and study guides.

Trust me, with a little perseverance, you’ll slay English Lit like a superstar!

10. Biology

Biology can be a toughie in JAMB and WAEC exams, but don’t fret!

Here’s the deal: grasp the basics and core ideas. Memorize important terms and diagrams.

Practice with past questions and draw diagrams to understand better.

Watch cool videos to visualize concepts. Stay updated with the latest research.

If you’re stuck, ask your teachers or get a tutor. Study with friends in a group.

With consistent effort and genuine interest, you’ll conquer Biology like a boss!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Easy to Score 300 in JAMB?

No, scoring 300 in JAMB can be quite challenging.

It depends on your preparation, study habits, and understanding of the subjects.

The exam covers various topics, so you need to be proficient in multiple areas.

It’s not an easy task, but with dedication and consistent practice, you can increase your chances.

Remember to focus on the syllabus and develop a strategic approach to studying.

Hard work and proper planning can help you achieve your goal of scoring 300 or above in JAMB.

Can JAMB Make Mistakes?

Yes, it’s possible for JAMB to make mistakes just like every other human-run organization.

Although they strive for accuracy, errors can still happen during exams, marking, or result compilation.

If you suspect any discrepancies, it’s crucial to take action.

You can contact JAMB or your examination board to report the issue and seek clarification or resolution.

Remember to review your results carefully and don’t hesitate to speak up if you believe there’s a genuine mistake.

They should be responsive and provide appropriate assistance in such situations.

How Can I Check My JAMB Results?

Are you wondering how to check your JAMB result?

Well, checking your JAMB results is simple. First, visit the official JAMB website.

Look for the “Check UTME Result” section. Enter either your JAMB registration number or email address.

Click on “Check Result,” and voila! Your score will appear if it’s ready.

Alternatively, you can use SMS. Send a message with “RESULT” to 55019.

Just make sure to use a registered phone number. It’s a convenient way to access your results hassle-free.

Is 199 a Good JAMB Score?

Scoring 199 in JAMB is not bad, but whether it’s considered good depends on the university and course you’re aiming for.

Some universities have cutoff marks higher than 199, especially for competitive courses.

It’s important to research the specific requirements of your desired institutions.

Admission decisions also consider other factors like post-UTME exams and grades.

So while 199 is decent, it’s advisable to aim higher if you have the opportunity to improve your score for better chances of admission.

How Many Universities Can I Choose in JAMB?

When filling out your JAMB application, you can pick up to three or more institutions.

This gives you the opportunity to consider different options and courses.

It’s a good idea to do some research beforehand and find out about admission requirements and cutoff marks for your preferred universities.

By selecting multiple choices, you have more flexibility and increase your chances of getting accepted.

Just remember to prioritize the institutions that align with your career goals and aspirations.

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As I earlier said at the beginning of this article, the difficulty of a subject can vary from person to person.

Take, for instance, you can find Chemistry difficult while it’s like a pack of ice cream to your friend, so it depends on individual differences.

However, from a general point of view and my personal research, the subjects I listed here are often the hardest for a lot of students.

But the good news is that there is a way to tackle this subjects, which we also discussed in this article.

By doing your best to master these subjects, you can increase your chances of passing them in both JAMB and WAEC exams.

If you have any questions or inquiries, ensure to let me know in the comment section and I will address them as fast as I can.

Good luck!

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